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  • Peace Home Association


Peace House Association The Peace Home Association was formally established in 2003, located in the village of Kharbatha Bani Harith, west of Ramallah. The idea of founding came at the hands of Mrs. Aziza Arman with the aim of activating the role of women in Palestinian society. In 2005, the association would be an independent non-profit charitable association. It seeks to improve the living, social and cultural situation of marginalized and disadvantaged groups in Palestinian society. Goals: 1. Contribute to improving the living conditions of the Palestinian family in all aspects of life. 2. Attention to children and women in particular, through the educational development of children and the rehabilitation and training of women. 3. Providing job opportunities for girls and young men through productive programs and projects. 4. Providing humanitarian aid to needy groups. 5. Caring for people with special needs (especially children). 6. Preserving the Palestinian cultural heritage.