Social Engagement

Youth in camps and rural areas often do not have access to youth centers and sports activities, which are mostly concentrated in cities. These teenagers report low wellbeing levels, as well as high anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, that often result in negative coping mechanisms, prompting risky and unhealthy behaviors. They are the most exposed to risks of disintegration from their social fabric, preventing them from growing up to become active citizens. CYEE aims to fill this gap by directly targeting civic disengagement to turn Youth into informed, aware and dynamic stakeholders of the Palestinian society. To tackle the issues of social disintegration among youth, CYEE believes in a bottom-up approach: working closely with local partners who are strongly integrated into their communities is the best way to stimulate participation in rural Palestine. We create opportunities for social engagement in order to develop the sense of a shared identity among Youth, enhance their social wellbeing and increase their willingness to contribute to community life. Our specific programs are designed with internationally recognized curricula and tailored to specific age groups. We see considerable positive effects in community service, as it fosters connections and solidarity at the local level.