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The Palestinian Charity for Youth Economic Empowerment (CYEE) was established formally in 2011. CYEE envisages a Palestine where young people have the skills needed for economic success, as well as the access to broad and durable networks of businesses, entrepreneurs, and decision makers. CYEE believes that providing youth with these opportunities will contribute to building freedom and equality in the Palestinian society and is committed to the strategy that recognizes and attempts to overcome the local challenges with a responsive, tailored, and effective approach to youth. CYEE encourages youth to perceive themselves as stakeholders in the society and to work towards a positive community through advocacy and awareness raising, focusing in particular on women’s economic empowerment. CYEE tailors its programs to address the obstacles women face in the job market and strives to offer them the educational and vocational skills they need in order to excel in the job market.


The Palestinian Charity for Youth Economic Empowerment CYEE recognizes that social, political and economic empowerment are integral requirements for the pursuit of youth independence. The CYEE envisages a free Palestine in which youth have equal opportunities, are aware of their role in society, and have the ability to take responsibility for their own lives and well-being. Through its work, the CYEE seeks to reach an appropriate environment that provides work and learning and inspires in the Palestinian youth the ability to look to the future with an optimistic outlook.


The CYEE aims to invest in youth development through collaborative efforts between Palestinian companies, educational institutions, the government and the Palestinian community as a whole. The Palestinian Charity for youth Economic Empowerment works on developing youth capabilities through training in work skills and supporting entrepreneurship with the aim of expanding and enhancing youth horizons through vocational guidance and practical experiences in order to improve youth opportunities and increase their employment rates in the labor market.

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