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The Palestinian Charity for Youth Economic Empowerment (CYEE) was established formally in 2017. Since its establishment, the CYEE has been driven by the idea that the youth of today will shape tomorrow’s Palestine. We envision a country in which young Palestinians face no barriers to their personal and professional development and can enter adulthood confidently. CYEE equips the youth from marginalized communities with the necessary tools and support to their development. With gender as a cross cutting factor in all of our projects, CYEE build capacities and open up opportunities for social and economic success. Putting sustainability at the center of our work, we empower Community-Based Organizations in rural Palestine, by providing them with know-hows and capacity building to tackle challenges in their communities. From rural villages to refugee camps, each one of our projects contributes to the creation of a positive environment for the development of the Palestinian society. The CYEE has been established to direct the response to the challenges that youth continue to face, utilizing the experience gained through years of working with youth in Palestine to lead innovative responses to the challenge youth face. Through services focusing on promoting community engagement and enhancing economic empowerment for Palestinian youth and women, in addition to research and advocacy, we are working to create brighter futures for young people in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem.


CYEE is a Leading Organization in Community Engagement and Economic Empowerment for Palestinian Youth and Women Contributing to the Sustainable development of the Palestinian society


CYEE empowers Community Based Organizations to enhance social and economic engagement of youth and women.

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