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  • Beit Liqia Union Club


Beit Laqia Union Club was established in 1974 in the village of Beit Laqia, located to the south of Ramallah to serve the youth, and it is a non-profit civil institution. It has about 650 members of both genders. The club owns several sports teams in football, volleyball, table tennis and athletics for male. As for women, the administration has opened the way for women to join the club, and this field has witnessed a great turnout, as the number of women affiliated with the club until this time has reached more than 100 women. Women have started practicing their activities in the club, where teams have been formed in volleyball, tennis and chess. Club goals: 1.Work to develop the youth sector in the town of both genders. 2.Work on developing cultural awareness among the town's youth. 3.Strengthening and developing social relations among the youth of the town. 4.Promoting volunteer work among youth. 5.Strengthening the spirit of belonging to the town and to the country. 6.Work to develop sports in the town. 7.Work on developing talents in all fields.