Project Information

  • Title: Positive Youth Engagement
  • Implementation Period: 2021-09-01

  • OnGoing


PYE is designed to weaken the push and pull factors that drive adolescents to violence by supporting their personal well-being, helping them develop skills to lead the lives they choose, and strengthening their positive interactions with the community networks and institutions that serve them, including schools, civil society organizations, and private businesses. Tailored to the Palestinian context, this holistic, five-year program brings together Palestinian and international organizations to support 50,000 adolescents with a menu of activities, opportunities for engagement and leadership, and resources to pursue their goals along peaceful and productive pathways. The program targets two age groups : younger adolescents (10–14 years old), with components focusing on prevention against social and economic isolation, and older adolescents (15–19 years old) to encourage their reintegration by empowering them to successfully reach their goals. The Palestinian Positive Youth Engagement (PYE) program draws on contextually-tailored tools designed over a decade of research-informed programming focusing on the 10–19 year-old age group. It relies on local partners’ strong networks and youth programming experience in the West Bank and Gaza. The combined 35+ years of continuous operational experience in the oPt gives the PYE initiative trust and credibility to support vulnerable young people in becoming productive, connected, and contributing citizens. CYEE is one of the 7 national partners chosen by USAID, Mercy Corps and the International Youth Foundation to implement the initiative. Our organization is especially focusing on the Ramallah governorate and the city of Jenin, with the target of 10,000 beneficiaries over the five years of implementation. Each year, CYEE delivers over a hundred activities to young Palestinians through its 3 partner Community-Based Organizations. Over the first year of the project, CYEE increased the access to youth services for a total of 4000 youth. Our organization implemented trainings and youth-led initiatives benefiting 1300 community members, and psychosocial sessions for over 400 youth and a thousand mothers. Over 60% of our direct beneficiaries were females.